Aims: To cater for those interested in the theatre organ, to create good relationships with other groups with related objectives and to encourage and support theatre organ preservation.  The TOC provides a service for paid-up members which includes:

·      Bi-monthly Newsletters

·      Concerts and Meetings at a wide variety of available theatre organs

·      Social activities and playing facilities

·      Provision of badges, ties, etc. relating to membership

·      Theatre organ recordings

  Membership: There are three membership categories:

·      Full Members, paying a subscription initially, on admission, and on the 
same date in each succeeding year. The current subscription is £7.00.

·      Associate Members, residing at the same address as a Full Member. The current subscription is £1.00 each.

·      Honorary Membership, awarded to any person who has contributed outstanding service to the theatre organ movement.

Membership Application Forms may be obtained from: 


South and South Midlands

Grant Pilcher

North and North Midlands

Frank Hare

White House Farm

127 Stratford Street

Long Row



LS11 6JG



NR16 1PE


Or email The Theatre Organ Club to request a form:


Or download a printable form here:
Application Form

For further information regarding The Theatre Organ Club, please write to the above or email The Theatre Organ Club at: