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Robert Cook


Organ parts for sale, including console, relays, shutters and assorted pipework, due to impending sale of storage unit and the re-location of the Portslade Town Hall organ.  No sensible offers refused!

Compton Console, complete (3/6), ex Regal Ilford/Portslade Town Hall.  Sweeps all original, some tabs on backboard.  Oak veneered, with some easily removed embellishments.  In complete working order when recently removed from Portslade Town Hall.  Complete with bench and platform on wheels.
Compton Relays (3/6) - Regal Ilford/Portslade Town Hall.  In complete working order when recently removed
Two Compton Shutter Sets (standard size), one a Harold Ramsey 'special' releathered some years ago and still as new, the other is standard ripple action, which is sound but will need releathering at some stage (ex Portslade Town Hall)
Compton Tibia Diaphone 16' Chest and resonators, complete, longest resonator 8' - ex Portslade Town Hall. 
Gottfried French Trumpet (flared tops - very similar sound to a Brass Trumpet).  16' - 8', 73 notes
Wurlitzer Bombarde 16' (wooden resonators, very large scale) complete with Chest, 25" wind
Compton Bombarde, Tuba 16' - 8', 73 notes (16' octave wooden resonators with chests), 15" wind - ex Liberal Jewish Synagogue
Compton 16' Diaphone, Metal, large scale, 12 notes and chest - ex Liberal Jewish Synagogue
Compton 8' Diapason, 61 notes (upward extension of 16' Diaphone above).  Bottom two octaves bearded wood pipes (Schiltz style).  A bright powerful stop (10" or 15" wind) wooden pipes with their chests - ex Liberal Jewish Synagogue
Compton Harmonics from Liberal Jewish Synagogue, which provided the 32' Contra Baryphone and 16' Baryphone.  A rare set of wood and metal pipes complete with chests.  The longest pipe is stamped CCCC but only 2' tall!
Kimball Wooden 8' Flute, stopped at the bottom, wooden harmonic further up, then metal to top
Christie Violon Phonon 16' (downward extension of the Violin Diapason from the Castle, Merthyr Tydfil).  12 pipes plus chest, 6" wind.  Mitred at about 10', one pipe needs a new beard.
Christie/Hill Norman & Beard 16' Dulciana, 12 notes plus chest, double mitred, 6" wind - ex Dome, Brighton
Hill, Norman & Beard 16' Viola, 12 notes, double mitred, 6" wind - ex Dome, Brighton (and possibly Glyndebourne previously)
Christie 16' Tuba, 12 notes, 10" wind - ex Castle, Merthyr Tydfil
Robert Morton Trumpet 8', 61 notes, 10", excellent condition, spotted metal trebles
Orchestral Trumpet (revoiced Compton Tuba), dome-headed shallots, 15" wind (Duncan Booth) - very brilliant
Wurlitzer Tuba 16', 12 notes, 10" or 15", in need of body and fender work!
Wurlitzer Diaphone 16', 12 notes, 10" wind, also in need of body and fender work!
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